"Service To Others Is The Rent You Pay For Your Room Here On Earth."

Muhammad Ali

A Creator, A Fighter, An Explorer : John Knetemann

Hello Friend,

I would like to thank you for taking an interest in my writing and conent marketing services. It is an absolute pleasure for me to serve businesses with a strategy for their content, online and offline.

While I love to tell the stories of great businesses, I also have a story I would like to tell you. One of a boy that started his lifelong journey in the Great Plains of the United States, or rather... I should say the story of me

I was born in the Denver, Colorado to an incredibly bright father from the Netherlands and an incredibly loving mother from Nicaragua. You can see their beautiful faces below.

I also have a sister and had a dog (we had to say goodbye March 2019) that I love to the moon and back. My story wouldn't be possible without each and every one of them. Not to mention the amazing friends I have made along the way.

I have a history that some find puzzling. One that seems to have no theme, no rhyme, and no reason. I'd like the think differently, though.

But then I got invited to a political conference run by some of the sharpest young minds I had ever met. They spoke so knowledgeably about philosophy, economics, and politics... But they were anarchists. And unfortunately for my military career, I found these anarchists pretty persuasive.

They had a vision of cooperation, freedom, and life that I admired deeply. I knew after attending the conference that I wanted in on spreading this message far & wide. This was my start in messaging, communication, and politics.

As I left college, politics soured on me, though. I advocated for a world of peace and cooperation, but the world of politics is anything but peaceful or cooperative. I was unhappiest I had ever been in my life.

So I changed. With the experience I had in politics, marketing was my natural entrance into business: a place where I knew I could serve others better than I ever had in the past.

When I was in high school, I dreamed of a military career as an officer. Specifically I wanted to attend one of the prestigious United States military academies, like many great officers had throughout history. I oriented my life in this direction: got straight As, participated in sports, volunteered regularly, took on student leadership roles, and joined the United States Civil Air Patrol. 

I had it in the bag.

Thus started my college days: an activist for a stateless society in a small city located in Rapid City, South Dakota. I studied interdisciplinary sciences and geology at an engineering school because I wanted to give a fresh perspective to the political circles I was a part of. Most studied economics or philosophy, but I wanted to bring the scientific perspective.

I quickly rose through the ranks and took on more and more ambitious projects. In my 5 years of advocating, I hosted several academic conferences with more than 150 attendees each, spoke in front of audiences of hundreds to thousands, organized a bus program that brought over 500 students to Washington, D.C., and led different teams of dozens.

After this change, a new passion for life flowed through my veins. I started boxing, cosplay, long-distance running, and figure skating as hobbies. I started learning new skills at a rapid rate. I moved to Amsterdam. And I completely fell back in love with the world around me and all the people in it... Well most of the people in it.

This is my story. This is how I became who I am. 

We all have a story, though, and I would love to know yours so be sure to connect with me via social media. And send me a message! Don't be shy!

Forever Wandering But Never Lost,

John Knetemann