Top 10 Pinball Games You Need to Play

There is nothing more rewarding than a great pinball game. The lights, the noises, and all the moving pieces are perfect for making it feel like you are actually accomplishing something important. However, not all pinball machines are created equally. Actually, some just piss you off! We all know that feeling when a pinball machine has a ramp perfectly angled to always go down the middle of the alley. It doesn’t feel good.

I have been playing pinball for a longtime, and my father and I have been going to the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown every year since I was seven years old. So basically I am pro. Well, not quite. Compared to some of the players there, I am terrible, but I can always beat out my friends in a good game.

So here is my list of top 10 pinball games:

10. Star Wars Episode 1 Pinball

the pinball machine for Star Wars Episode 1 Phantom Menace
There is not a time I don't want to play this game!

9. World Cup Soccer

cover art for World Cup Soccer pinball game
This one is my sister's favorite.

8. Metallica

pinball machine for metallica
Always a crowd favorite at bars.

7. Joust

joust pinball machine
Easily the most unique pinball game I have ever played.
  • Manufacturer: Williams Electronics

  • Difficulty: Easy (though depends on who you are playing against)

  • See some game play here!

6. Revenge from Mars

machine for revenge of the martians pinball game
A great remake of one of the most popular pinball games ever.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

the pirates of the caribbean pinball machine
So many moving parts to this one. Definitely an attention grabber.

4. The Simpsons Pinball Party

the simpson pinball party machine
I remember playing this one a lot in an underground pizza parlor in Breckenridge, Colorado.

3. Funhouse

the funhouse pinball game
There is just something about this machine that is really special.

2. The Hobbit

the hobbit pinball machine
A very modern game for an amazing story!

1. Attack from Mars

the Attack from Mars pinball machine
Easily the most popular pinball machine ever! I played this a ton at Chuck E. Cheeses as a kid.

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