Meeting You At A Party - A Short Story

Have you ever met love at a house party?

Inspired by the writing prompt from Reddit's r/WritingPrompts board: "You meet a man in a party. He is polite and soft spoken, and seems to know a lot about you. When asked how he's so familiar with you, he says 'You told me all about yourself when we first met. In two weeks.'"

Content warning: Contains adult language.

"I really like your shirt," I say to the a man leaning on the fridge.

"Thanks! People don't recognize it super often. Have you watched the show?" he smiled.

"So many times. Bebop used to be one of my favorite shows growing up."

The man was taller than I was, and being tall myself, I very rarely find people that are actually taller than me. He was wearing a black t-shirt with Spike Spiegel lighting a cigarette on it, grey skinny jeans, and black basketball shoes. Overall, an aesthetic that I am all about. Plus, his smile was pretty pleasant to look at.

"So how do you know James?" I ask.

"I've kind of known James for a long time, but I met him in college. We both studied computer science at University of Colorado." He responded. "You?"

"We just have a lot of mutual friends and are always around each other." I say.

Man, I really hope this guy is gay. With my luck, I already know he isn't, but god damn can't a boy dream? I am just going to pretend the grey skinny jeans are meant to tell me something. What am I hearing coming from the living room? Oh, Jesus Christ. Did someone really put on "Party In The U.S.A."? One of those nights. Ok.

"You have always thought this song was really basic, but you secretly love it and listen to it all the time." He said.

I snorted. "Did my face really give all that away? I bet James told you that."

"No, it is just something that I could tell about you." He took a sip of his beer.

I do fucking love this song. And I love that this guy just guessed that about me.

"I bet its because you love this song too." I point at him. "What's your name anyways?"

"Cameron. And I think your name is Stephan?"

"Ok, so someone is clearly talking about me! Or is it something you could just tell about me?" I stand on my tip toes so my eyes are on the same level as his. Honestly, I probably look stupid right now. I am just going to stop doing this. I put my heels to the floor again.

"Believe it or not, the first time we originally met is two weeks in the future." He closed his eyes and smiled.

"Oh, is that so? What a cute pick-up line." I close my eyes and smile back at him mockingly.

Ok, sweet. This guy is definitely gay and he is definitely hitting on me right now. I am glad that is out of the way.

"I knew you would think it was a pick-up line. I actually told you that you would think its a pick-up line."

I would normally think lines like these would be creepy and weird. It is probably unfair, but he is hot enough to say it, I guess. Though, I wonder how far he will push the little fiction. I kind of want to see how cute it gets.

"So when did you tell me that I would think it is a pickup line?" I ask.

"48 years from now." He grinned down to his beer.

"48 years from now!?" I sarcastically look at him.

"That's what I said. 48 years from now."

I take a step towards him. "And how did you get here from 48 years from now?"

"With something you helped me build. You, actually, helped me build a time-machine of sorts. You were also a huge asshole a lot of the time on this project, but you were the one that really wanted me to go back."

This is cute. It is so god damn stupid, but I love it so much. I literally can not take this stupid grin off my face.

He continued. "So we could live our lives together again."

Bold! The thought of marriage at all really makes me cringe, but holy shit do I appreciate that boldness. I wonder how many people he uses this kind of line on. Does it always land this well?

"Well I don't know about spending our lives together again, but you had told me we met in two weeks." I found the hole in his story!

"Oh, I bet you really thought you got me there. Like most of this operation, it was your idea to make it so we met a little earlier just so," he started making air quotes. "it could be totally different from the first time."

"You know, that sounds like something I would say. Well done." I take another step towards him. Why did I have to start by standing all the way across the room from him? He is obviously flirting with me. Should I just walk straight up to him? I am going to keep going with the slow walk.

Oh! But I am definitely getting laid tonight! Nice!

"Hey cutie pie, you don't have to put on this walking across the kitchen show for me. You can just come over here and get a little closer." He scratched the back of his head.

Damnit! It is almost like he really does know me already. This is the smoothest encounter I have ever had. I walk over to him, grab at his waist, and look up at him with probably the biggest and dumbest smile I could make at someone.

"So where are you from, Cameron?" I ask.

"Cheyenne, Wyoming. The most boring place on earth. You?"

"I've always lived in Providence. I love it here. Probably will never leave."

"We will see about that." He snaps his fingers and points at me.

"Oh, we will see about that. Such a bold statement to make, and I kind of like it."

"So why don't you ask me to go home with you?" He leaned in a little closer.

"Yeah. I think we can do that. I'll call an Uber." I quickly kiss him and immediately pull back and turn around to grab my jacket in the other room.

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