Growing Your Instagram Organically: Your Profile (2019)

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Have you tested your Instagram bio?

So you have great content posted to your feed (video and images), you use the story features, and you engage your audience, but what about your profile?

Remember, Instagram is a funnel. Your posts and stories are the top of the funnel. Your profile is the middle of the funnel. And your website URL is the bottom of the funnel. Every element is important for converting customers on Instagram.

However, making the perfect Instagram profile is not magic. Though there are guidelines for creating a great Instagram profile (bio and profile image), this is something you will largely have to play around with until you have the perfect formula. Doing this kind of testing is difficult until you have a large enough audience to really see how it is effecting your outcomes. Though, no matter the size of your audience, you should always be paying attention to your profile.

Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Have an easy to see and understand profile image. (Most likely a logo)

  • Use easy to understand language in your bio and don’t try to load it with too much info. The goal is to make them interested in going to your website, not explain your whole business out.

  • Make use of the location if you have a physical location

  • Use a tracking link in your bio so you can understand how your Instagram audience uses your website better.

  • Make use of the highlights (pick strategic stories that highlight different aspects of your business)

When it comes to how exactly you should write out your bio, this is where the playing around comes in. You have to A/B test your bio. Let me repeat, you have to A/B test your bio. Make small tweaks to a line in your bio and see how the incoming audience to your profile react to it. Things you should be looking at to see their success:

  • The ratio of profile visits to website clicks.

  • The ratio of profile visits to follows.

These are ultimately the metrics that will help you choose how to fine tune your Instagram bio.

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