Growing Your Instagram Organically: The Community (2019)

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What Instagram community are you a part of?

In order to be successful on Instagram, just like any social media platform, you have to be social. You have to engage with your current audience and the community your audience is a part of. In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of Instagram success and it is also the one that gets overlooked the most. It gets overlooked because it is actually pretty difficult and time consuming.

However, in order for people to take interest in your brand and what your company is doing, your brand has to take an interest in what they are doing. In order to do this, you need to be liking other people’s contents, commenting on it, sharing it, and actually messaging people. It is important to keep in mind, though, that this engagement has to be authentic. Posting a heart emoji on every post you see is not authentic engagement.

Engage with Your Current Audience

When you post new content and people are liking your photos/videos and following your account, you should consider going to their profile and liking their content and engaging with their profile back. With this, you can truly convert a loyal customer base on your Instagram.

Your engagement should be strategic, though. Do not just go and like all their recent photos. Use this as a moment to enforce your brand. When you go to a user’s profile, like content that is relevant to your brand. For example, I work for an outerwear company right now that aims at getting people outdoors for the better. So when I go to other people’s profiles, I like content with people enjoying the outside. This will make your engagement so much more noticeable and people will be more likely to become more loyal to your brand.

Engage a New Audience

In an earlier post, we discussed finding hashtags that you should be using for your posts. These are the same hashtags that you should be using to engage with a new audience. You need to set time aside to go through these hashtags and engage with content on these feeds. Comment, like, and share content. And for content creators that you really like, give them a follow. Most likely, these people will check out your profile if your engagement was authentic.

When commenting, make sure to really add value to the discussion. Read their caption and actually think about a thoughtful response. It is true that this will mean you will be commenting on less photos, but that is for the best. A really good comment is worth 10 totally hollow and shallow comments that add nothing to the discussion.

Personalize and Interact

People don’t speak to products or companies. People speak to other people. Make sure to give your profile an identity. It is okay to use your personal voice on your brand’s Instagram, especially if your are the company’s leader or a dedicated admin for the account. This allows people to really know there is someone on the other side of the screen to engage with. Sure, it is a business account. But in reality, it is the CEO of the company that they are interacting with or the admin of the page.

Keeping this mindset will allow you to really authentically interact with people. A touch I add is that on any DMs I send, I put my name on it with the company brand:

“That is great to hear!

-John, Company Name”

Works wonders!

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