Growing Your Instagram Organically: Don't Just Ask for More Followers (2019)

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What are your business's Instagram goals?

There are thousands of blogs out there about boosting your Instagram following for your small business. How do I get more likes on Instagram? How do I get more comments on Instagram? So on and so forth.

These are important questions for a business to ask when it comes to developing a good top-level funnel for any social media, but I think these questions are largely asked at the wrong time and given too much importance.

This is the question you should be asking: How can my Instagram create value for my current customers and people within my potential customer demographic? This is a hard question to answer if you don’t understand or use Instagram personally and an especially hard question if you don’t fully understand who your customer is. If this is you, have no fear! I think there are many (if not most of) small businesses facing a similar problem.

Why you should not simply ask for better numbers on Instagram?

More likes and comments means more people will follow you. The more people that follow you the more likes and comments you will get on future posts. The more buzz your profile is creating the more people will be visiting your profile. The more people visiting your profile the more people clicking on your website.

The logic here is simple and true, but it is not the whole picture. You may have found “growth hacks” that make it so your follower count is going up, but if your profile is crap and your content is crap then people are going to think your business is crap. You have thus made it no closer to accomplishing your business goals.

Remember, as a business you get nothing from having a high follower count.

Imagine two businesses, one that has 100K followers on Instagram that has zero website clicks. And another that has 600 followers on Instagram and one website click (which then turned into a sale). Which one is doing better? Well the one with only 600 followers is doing infinitely better because it actually accomplished a business goal from its Instagram. It made a sale!

Now, imagine a company with 100k followers with significant conversions for website clicks. That is the sweet spot, and that is the goal. I have prepared a series of posts that should help you grow a useful Instagram following:

  1. Don't Just Ask for More Followers (This Post)

  2. What is Engagement?

  3. Hashtag and Location Tags

  4. Live, Stories, and Videos

  5. Your Profile

  6. The Community

  7. Conclusion

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