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The Creator : John Knetemann

Bringing personality & life to content requires a creator with personality & life.

Born in Denver, Colorado & now living in Amsterdam. Writer by day & boxer by night. Scientifically trained in university & marketer in profession.

I bring the life & personality to my writing.

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What Others Are Saying

"John continually brought a high level of professionalism, creativity, and analytical thought to all of his responsibilities, no matter how big or small. His ability to break down complex processes and synthesize large amounts of information are rare strengths that made him a problem solving machine - I've admired his inherent grit both personally and professionally since the moment we started working together."

Audra Walter

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"John was instrumental in a complete recalibration of our brands after a complex acquisition. He regularly offers insightful recommendations and executes strategies with enthusiasm bringing his own creative ideas to life. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again"

Naomi Buckta

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"John is a creative person by nature; it’s hardwired into his brain. He can bring a different slant to any project he’s handed. If you need him to think ‘inside the box’, he is more than capable of following your brand voice, and he’s fantastic at providing a new, fresh, creative take on whatever he’s working on. Added bonus - he’s a lot of fun to work with!"

Leigh McKenney

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